About Me

My pregnancy announcement picture. I look great. I think it was the last time I was well rested.

I’m Amy and I’m just an O.K. mom to a toddler that I’m pretty sure is smarter than I am. Honestly, I’m just kind of O.K. at most things I do. I’m a vegetarian, well most of the time, unless there’s cheese fries with bacon on them and it really isn’t fair that bacon is meat. I’m a part time student about to graduate with my bachelors, and no plans on what I want to do with that.

I’m also the wife to a guy who says I’m perfect, but it would be nice if I could close the cabinets after I open them. He is in the military so I follow him to new and exciting places like Tokyo and Arkansas. Right now, we live in Germany and in case you didn’t know they don’t have closets here.

I use snapchat filters now because I never have on makeup.