SimplyFun with Brandi (non-annoying toys series)

We’re board game people. We host game nights, have family game nights, and sometimes J and I spend our quality time playing games after Little Bug goes to bed. If you’re like our family you know games that are young kid friendly can by hard to find, and some are just gross (Have you seen Gooey Louie?), but then I met Brandi and got introduced to SimplyFun games.

One or two of these games will be under the tree for Little Bug this year. I am just so impressed by them.

SimplyFun has games for a wide range of ages, and you can search by age group. They are also educational so you can search by what you want your kids to work on. There’s the normal things like math and reading, but these games go farther and can help kids with building healthy social relationships and scientific thinking.

SimplyFun is a direct sales company. This means that there are a multiple people who sell the games for the company. I am specifically recommending Brandi though, not only because she is an all-around amazing woman, but she is kind and really cares about helping her customers find what they need.

Be sure to like her Facebook page here. She showcases videos of some the SimplyFun games, and shares fun crafts and positive parenting articles that I adore.

Have a less annoying December 25th, and order some games from Brandi!


  1. Brandi says:

    Thank you Amy! I’m always happy to help.

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