Giant Bubbles (non-annoying toy series)

You know what all kids under eight love? Bubbles. You know what then love even more? Giant bubbles.

This week’s non-annoying toy is the Bubble Thing wand and mix. I have tried other bubble wands, and they are all pretty similar, but the bubble mixture they give you works better than any I’ve tried. The bubbles last forever.

When I was a kid my dad had this bubble wand, and my brother and I were obsessed with it. So, you can imagine my excitement when they bought it for Little Bug as a birthday present.  We spent an afternoon in the back yard playing, photographing, and videotaping bubbles. We also decided some of our neighbors probably thought they were seeing U.F.O.s.

Here’s a little video of the fun.

If you’ve noticed a trend I love toys that aren’t electric and help development and family bonding. Giant bubbles may not really help with development, but it is the perfect excuse to have everyone outside and running around.

This toy is messy though. Messes don’t annoy me that much, but I know some of you may not want your kids covered in bubble mix. If you play with this you will get covered in bubble mix! Also, it is tricky for little ones. Little Bug is three and could do a couple of bubbles with help. So, if you’re looking for a toy for them to do alone this isn’t it, but you can buy the awesome bubble mix separately for their regular bubble wands.

Click the pictures to purchase and have a family fun filled December 25th

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