Really Cool Blocks (non-annoying toy series)

The next toy in the series is blocks, but don’t worry they’re really cool blocks.

The first ones are by Guidecraft; there are rainbow blocks, maginifying blocks, and a couple others, but those two sets are my favorite. There are also really similar sound blocks by Wonderworld that are excellent.

Rainbow Blocks

I was lucky enough to get a couple sets of the rainbow blocks for free from a daycare that was going out of business. These blocks are on the expensive side, especially compared to plain wooden block sets you could buy. The reason I still recommend these blocks to my friends is because they are more than just blocks, and really enhance creative play.

This is pony palace.
This is dinosaur castle.

Little Bug loves looking through the transparent color panels on the rainbow blocks. She thinks it is amazing how it changes the color of the entire world! They really piqued her interest about colors and color mixing, and I would bring them out when she was painting as props to help talk about color mixing.

Sound Blocks

We encountered the sound blocks at an indoor play area. When Little Bug was around nine months to a year the sound blocks were one of her favorite toys there. Not only does each block sound different, they are different shapes and colors. Out of all the sets I think this is one of the best buys because kids will play with it longer. They can start by exploring the sounds, move to the colors, and then build with them.

Magnification Blocks

Little Bug is three and is really into magnifying glasses. Anytime she can choose one as a toy she does. If she gets to play with them at daycare we will hear about it for the next few days. (Don’t worry she’s getting one for Christmas). I think these would be great to buy for a preschool age kid. That way they could use them to build and with any other block sets they have, or use them explore magnification. These would be easier to grip than a magnifying glass, and you could put some small things underneath these, like pebbles or leaves, and let the kids view it by just setting the block on top of it, which they couldn’t do well with a magnifying glass.

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