Buying Time


I never have enough time. I mean, no one I know ever has enough time. Trying to make plans seem to turn into conversations about just how busy we are. Because, of course, Little Bug has daycare that day and those are my homework/ meal prep/ Netflix days. Fridays might work, but only late afternoon because its Parent and me ballet and she needs her bonding time with her dad. Well next week is just crazy… I mean you get it we ALL get it.

I’ll never forget when I started college back, we had found a three day a week morning daycare for Little Bug and my grandmother said to me, “What will you do with all your free time with the baby gone?”. Parents know there no free time there. Free time isn’t seen in houses with small children unless you live near grandparents that like to babysit, or are rich and have an awesome nanny that probably makes you feel inferior, but who cares you can go get a smoothie alone! Finding ways to get time is my secondary goal in life (my first is not to raise a sociopath, I like to aim high). It has even become a currency in my marriage; we bargain for it; trading chores for naps and promises to take the baby along for errands time if you can just please take her down to the park for an hour.

I read this article from NPR a while back about using money to buy time. I thought about how we spent money and none of it was truly making our lives easier or better. So, I decided to go for it and bought one of those meal planning grocery delivery services. It is the best thing I have ever bought. The recipes are things I would have never tried on my own, and all so quick to make. Tonight, were these awesome sweet potato and cheese tacos with homemade salsa. See how fancy it looks? It makes me feel like a culinary rockstar. Besides the meal delivery I have made a point to use quick recipes like feature in this cookbook.

But really the important thing is, today instead of me sitting on Pinterest meal planning and running to the grocery store, we had a family tea party before J went to work and no one was worried about how busy we were. signature


  1. As a mother of 4, I ve found that simply expressing to another mother that I remember fondly those times, and that each new phase is hard and wonderful at the same time, brings a bond that welcomes them into motherhood and acknowledges our common link.

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